CNES projects library

December 19, 2018

Data and services hubs

The data and services hubs provide easy access to data for users.

Science data from space missions funded by CNES are made available to the scientific community via specialist data and services hubs:

  • AERIS encompasses 4 atmospheric science data centres (ESPRI, ICARE, SEDOO, SATMOS).
  • CDPP, set up in 1998, specializes in natural plasmas in the solar system.
  • CDS, the longest-running of all the data centres, has been compiling astronomy data since 1972.
  • FORM@TER, set up in 2012, is focused on solid Earth data.
  • MEDOC, set up in 1995, specializes in solar physics.
  • ODATIS is an oceanography data portal offering access to satellite altimetry data via AVISO+ as well as to in-situ coastal and deep-sea data.
  • THEIA, set up in 2012, is focused on land surfaces data.